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Here's what some of our Warriors had to say:

We received the magazines and thank you!! The selection is perfect!

I just want to write and say thank you for the awesome magazines. We have limited access to quality reading material here. I especially enjoy the hunting and gun magazines….

Thanks for the magazines!! We always appreciate anything we get here from the states! Any mail that comes in always gets us excited. Much appreciated.

Thank you so very much for sending all the magazines. We have added them to the clinic waiting area so the soldiers have something to read while they are awaiting care…..

Wanted to pass to you the appreciation of the folks here at our FOB! We are at a remote location with no BX or anyplace to buy anything so the magazines are such a welcome gift! They are the perfect assortment too!

……. Thank you for continuing to serve my medics and soldiers with your unselfish support and dedication. You are performing a great service to our troops.

I want to thank you all from everybody here at the Bastion Hospital. Your magazines definitely helped improve moral and we are all extremely appreciative……

........Whenever I receive a new box, it usually takes a solid five minutes for it to get emptied. More than the entertainment it brings all of us, it is a steady reminder of the support we get from back home by good folks like yourselves…….

On behalf of my unit, we just wanted to say thank you for the magazines you sent to us..... That you take the time to do something nice for a total stranger means the world…….

…… Thank you for all your organization does for us to make us feel supported from the home front. It means more than many will ever know. Keep up your good works!!

….. thank you very much. It is so nice to have reading materials!!

…… The men really get a morale boost when they see a box from Magazines for Troops….. Thank you again for the support that you provide to us. You and others like you make this time away from loved ones an easier road to walk…..

…… They literally "swarmed" to see what kinds of reading materials were in the boxes. Every box you sent was so generously filled with lots of good things to read. We can't get anything like that here.

The members of my platoon and myself have enjoyed the collection of different magazines and they have certainly helped keep our mind in a better place…..

You are currently sending boxes to the VFA-11 red rippers on the Enterprise to my husband and his squadron. They have LOVED what they have received. I was told it is like piranhas around the box when it comes. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the box of magazines. The soldiers were really grateful for some reading material. The box was emptied out immediately….

Just wanted to let you know your latest box of magazines arrived at Camp Patriot yesterday. Thank you SO MUCH for sending them - we're all able to find one or two that seem like they were sent specifically for us. However you decide what titles to send, keep it up - you've got it!

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the magazines that you recently sent me. The guys have gone through them like there's no tomorrow. The most popular magazines were the automobile, motorcycle and gun related periodicals……

Thank you so much for the magazines. I'd love a box a week if you could send them. The guys take them on patrols and we have units spread all over southern and central Iraq. They mainly enjoy hunting and fishing, popular science and mechanics and other sports related magazines…..

……the situation out here sure keeps us busy, however your packages always keep us entertained when we do have a bit of down time. People know it's a good box when they recognize the smiley face on the return label…...

I'm so glad that programs like yours exist. We live on a small Combat Outpost and the nearest store is a helicopter ride away. Anything you would send would be greatly appreciated…….

Thanks a million, it seems to be every Saturday that I get two boxes from you and thanks…….

Thanks for the last 4 boxes of magazines, it is funny now in my office when everyone sees me bringing in the two boxes they all sound off with its magazine time. So believe it or not what you are doing is bringing smiles to the faces of many soldiers. Thanks again for everything.

I received two boxes yesterday and they were a hit so thanks for that….

Thanks for the magazines, I just received two more boxes today and I have already handed out about half of them already. Thanks for sending them and keeping us Soldiers in your prayers and thoughts.

Thanks again for the Magazines, In my unit no more than 2 boxes a week would work perfect and the kinds that we like are Fitness, Rifle (guns), Truck and 4 wheelers, hunting and fishing, motorcycles (cruisers and Harley). Thanks for all the support and everything that you do to make our life over here a little better.

Thanks for the magazines, they where a hit. As soon as I got them I started handing them out and putting some smiles on some faces……

Thanks for the two boxes of magazines. We received them yesterday. We'll take them out to the patrol bases that have nothing………

….Words fail to express my great love and appreciation for you and other great Supporters like you. Thanks for your continued support and prayers!

First, THANK YOU for the magazines! We have distributed the first shipment to all our Soldier's locations as many are spread out to 6 different locations in Southwest Baghdad.

Hey, we so appreciate your support. We couldn't do what we do without it. Thank your team of great Supporters……

Soldiers in the 1-76 Field Artillery Battalion have been enjoying the magazines. We have been taking them to our patrol bases where there are no stores.

….we're receiving the magazines and we're distributing them to our soldiers at the various outlying Patrol Bases. When I or my Command Sergeant Major goes, I always take some or he will. I want you to know we are very appreciative of what you're doing. You're right the soldiers love gun magazines, for some reason.

'Our Soldiers love sports magazines, auto magazines, celebrity magazines, and health magazines. We are so very appreciative of your encouragement and care packages. Our Soldiers cannot do what they do over here without knowing they have the support of our home team! Thank you for your love and prayers.'